About Our Team

MARS Early Learning Academy has a wonderful staff working with our children. What do all of these people have in common? They love children and are dedicated to the field of early childhood education. We are passionate about teaching and provide developmentally appropriate opportunities that inspire children to become confident, successful life long learners. From greeting your child with a warm smile each day to providing classroom activities that are the perfect mix of fun and learning, our caring staff goes above and beyond.

Our teachers are certified in First Aid and CPR and attend early childhood conferences and trainings annually to stay current in their field. Each teacher is required to have a criminal background check and annual health screening by a practicing physician or nurse practitioner certifying them to be free from any disability which would prevent them from caring for children.

Our Teaching Goals - Our teaching methods will help your child develop and maintain a positive, healthy self-concept and encourage your child's growth to independence as each child establish  themselves away from home. By partnering with families, together we will cultivate your child's growth socially and emotionally as the child learns to interact with their peers.

Tracey A. Delgardo M.Ed.

Executive Director

Executive Director, Tracey A. Delgardo has over 30 years of experience in early learning. She began her early learning journey in Head Start in 1993, and that is where she gained her passion to serve and empower children, teachers, and families. She owned and operated Toddler Tech Child Center for over 15 years serving infants to 12-year-old. Education: Early Childhood Education, BS in Business with certification in Human Resources Management, Master’s in Education (M.Ed.) and Program Administrator Certification.

Lead Preschool Teacher/ Program Supervisor

Lead Preschool/Kindergarten-Prep Teacher

My name is Martha Alicia Cano, I am a mother of 3beautiful girls, and I have 11 grandkids, Teaching is my passion and hobby, Ihave 26 years working with kids and I feel lucky to have a job in education. Ilike to learn from others cultures and share mine also, I am from Mexico, andshare my traditions with my kids is wonderful, and learn from them and thefamilies is also and experience the nobody want to miss. I am understandingpatient and aware of how to talk to beginner students, I plan for the kidsactivities depending on their needs, talk to kids and ask them what they want,having conversations with them is the most important thing. I have a BA inEducation and I am planning to back and get my Masters

Kathy Green

Professional Development Consultant

Professional Development Consultant, Kathy Green has over 20 years of experience in early learning. She began her early journey in 1996 opening and operating a small child care center. She has experience as a Lead ECEAP teacher and Childcare Center Director. In 2005 she opened her In-Home Childcare Center with a diverse group of families and staff. Education: ECE Certificate, Washington State Trainer, City of Seattle Advisory Board member, mentor for providers through Imagine Institute and supporter of the SEIU Local 925 union. BA in Early Childhood Education .