Welcome to the Family

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What is MARS

MARS is an Early Learning Academy that will take an approach to learning and development that incorporates areas of Mathematics, Arts, Reading (Literacy), and Science/Social Studies. Play is a fun and important part of children’s learning and development. Through our MARS activities children will:

  • Ask questions, explore, and build skills and theories about their world.
  • Utilize problem solving skills individually and work with others to solve problems.
  • Think creatively and critically to develop their imagination.
  • Engage in what they are learning at their own pace.
Illustration of children in a school house

Our mission: Is to provide a creative way to provide family engagement and work with children
from 6 weeks through 5 years who will be entering the traditional education system.  This early
learning model is designed to address the educational needs for all students with a specialized
emphasis towards students of color and students living in poverty. The enhancement model
provides learning environments that foster pride in and knowledge about their culture,
contributions and competence throughout history and the world for children.

Our Philosophy: We are dedicated and committed to your children by providing exceptional
education. It is our philosophy to focus on the needs of the individual child by providing a
stimulating atmosphere for learning along with a secure loving environment. It is our belief
that a school should be an extension of each child's family. Our teachers and parents are
encouraged to work together to provide the love and support needed as your child reaches
developmental milestones and his/her own personal achievements! We are passionate about
education and providing our children with the tools to be successful in life.

All staff undergo a rigorous screening to make sure they are capable and qualified to teach your child.