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At Mars Early Learning Academy, we offer a range of educational programs designed to nurture and support your child's development. Our programs are carefully crafted to provide a stimulating and engaging learning environment, where children can explore, learn, and grow.


Infant Care Program 6 weeks to 11 months

At Mars Early Learning Academy, our Infant Care Program provides a nurturing environment and tailored activities, supported by our specialized staff.


M.A.R.S. Early Learning academy teachers understand that each child is different, therefore they learn differently. We are committed to fostering a stimulating environment where your infant will be nurtured and engaged in developmentally appropriate activities. Our infant room is licensed for up to 8 infants with a 1:4 teacher-child ratio. We will work closely with parents to develop a consistent schedule that will emulate their home schedule.
Our nurturing and experienced teachers will create responsive daily routines and meaningful learning experiences. Our teachers take the time to develop an understanding of your child's personality and developmental needs. The infant program provides the following for your child


> Visual experiences through colorful toys and images

> Language development through music and interactive play

> Gross and fine motor skill development through educational toys and experiences

> Cognitive skills as little ones develop memory retention and learn to recognize sounds

> Emotional skills as infants feel safe in their environment and develop attachments

> Social skills as the child learns to recognize familiar faces and play with others and develop early friendships

From Babbling to Walking in Our Waddler Room 12 to 24 month

As our children transition from infancy into toddlerhood, they embark on a journey filled with new milestones, from taking their first steps to uttering their initial words. Our Waddler Room is meticulously designed to support these critical stages of development, emphasizing a broad spectrum of activities that include both gross and fine motor skill enhancement, sensory discovery, language advancement, introduction to the arts, and the beginnings of self-reliance. Additionally, we place a strong emphasis on group activities, fostering social connections, and cultivating an environment where interactive learning thrives.In the heart of our philosophy is the belief in the power of structured yet flexible daily routines, which serve as the foundation for impactful learning experiences. By integrating a holistic, research-informed curriculum tailored for infants and toddlers, our aim is to deeply understand and cater to the individuality of each child. This personalized approach ensures that we not only acknowledge but celebrate the distinct strengths, curiosities, and developmental needs of every child in our care.Our dedicated educators are passionate about creating a nurturing space that champions early developmental achievements while preparing our waddlers for the next stages of their growth journey. Through a blend of guided activities and free exploration, we aspire to unlock the potential within each child, fostering a love for learning that lasts a lifetime. Join us in the Waddler Room, where every day is an opportunity for your child to flourish under the guidance of our compassionate, skilled team.

Discover Our Engaging Toddler Program 24 to 36 month

M.A.R.S. Early Learning academy’s experienced educators will build off children’s natural curiosity and interests to promote hands-on investigative learning. The children will be introduced to hands-on study explorations, while still maintaining responsive routines and caregiving. We have two toddler rooms that are both licensed for 7 toddlers with a 1:7 teacher-to-child ratio.

We have a large Toddler classroom that will accommodate separating age groups.

Our toddler program enhances and responds to your child at every level of development. Our curriculum consists of weekly theme-based lesson plans. We have structured planned activities to meet the needs of each child. This supports the children's abilities and interests through fun and play. They begin learning the beginning stages of math, science, reading and creative skills along with their motor skills.Our Toddler Program is based on the knowledge that children are natural learners and learn best in an environment where they can develop curiosity and always feel safe and loved.Recognizing that Toddlers are full of energy and excitement, we have created a learning space that enriches the senses, promotes active exploration and stimulates cognitive development. Toddlers foster their independence as they make choices relevant to their interests while developing fine motor, listening and speaking skills and problem-solving strategies. Our developmentally appropriate activities keep our little ones moving, imitating and talking!Our learning centers - Reading, Dramatic Play, Creative Art, Sensory, Cognitive, Block Play/Construction and Science- are filled with rich play experiences and provide opportunities for toddlers to develop a sense of the world around them. As they become more active, our educators introduce fun, physical activities that develop gross-motor skills and encourage coordination, balance and muscle control, both inside the classroom and in our outdoor environment.Everything in our Toddler classrooms has been designed to be at their level and size and this promotes independence and encourages socialization. Your toddler’s daily routine will include alphabet, songs, poems, stories, nursery rhymes and an introduction to early language, math and science through large and small group activities. Our toddlers are given positive encouragement throughout the day with hugs, smiles, and kind words.We respect each child's attitude and needs to model positive interactions with each other. Empathy is encouraged, friendships are nurtured, and self help skills are supported. The weekly theme-based lesson plans create a child oriented learning environment.


Preschool Program 3 to 5 years

Pre-School 3 to 4 yearsM.A.R.S. Early Learning academy’s experienced educators are committed to helping students succeed academically and in life. They will teach them to be creative, confident thinkers by providing them with opportunities for hands-on exploration and discovery that help build lifelong critical thinking skills and foster confidence.Our Preschool (3 - 3 ½) classroom will focus on the students Social-Emotional: Regulating their own emotions and behaviors, Language: Using language to express thoughts and needs, Physical: Demonstrating gross-motor manipulative skills, and cognitive: problem solving, engaging in class activities, and being able to recognize and recall.At this age children are very eager to learn. We provide them with our proven curriculum that promotes positive development in every skill. Daily schedules and routines keep consistency and help build trust is necessary from this age group. Outdoor playtime is given everyday (weather permitting).Our learning centers – Reading, Dramatic Play, Creative Art, Sensory, Manipulatives and Fine Motor, Cognitive (Math, Language, Science, Social Studies), Block Play/Construction and Science- capitalize on children’s natural sense of inquiry and discovery through hands-on exploration while fostering literacy, numeracy, science and social skills.Our Phonics program promotes early literacy concepts such as alphabet knowledge, phonemic awareness, early reading and pre-writing skills. Preschoolers are introduced to letter sounds and formation, blending sounds to create words, identifying sounds in words and developing a sight word vocabulary.Our educators understand and acknowledge that at this age individual identity is beginning to develop. Children are encouraged to identify their own feelings as well as empathize with the feelings of others. We teach with an emphasis on self-expression and self-direction while at the same time learning to follow rules and directions.Kindergarten-Prep 4 to 5 YearsClassrooms educators will plan engaging activities around core academic subjects such as Math, Arts, Reading, Science, and Technology. This class environment will be more structured which allows the lesson plans to meet the learning objectives.  The students will be engaged in active play and hands-on learning.Our goals are to provide a strong educational foundation for children and prepare them for kindergarten and the world beyond. We accomplish this by providing enriching, caring, and a creative environment where children learn through the joy of play and adventure of hands-on-play.These stimulating experiences offer children the opportunity to explore their environment and practice skills within a classroom setting, shared with their peers. In a loving atmosphere, we guide children to reach their full potential to become problem solvers who are self-reliant, confident, respectful, compassionate and responsible. We are sensitive to developing each unique child, and we seek to instill a lifelong love of learning.

Discover Our Enrollment Process and Required Documents

At Mars Early Learning Academy, we strive to make the enrollment process as simple and convenient as possible for parents. To enroll your child in one of our programs, follow these easy steps:

We understand that every family has unique scheduling requirements. That's why we offer a range of program options to accommodate your needs.

At Mars Early Learning Academy, your child will thrive in a nurturing and stimulating environment designed to promote their growth and development.

Discover Our Exciting Programs

At Mars Early Learning Academy, we offer a wide range of programs tailored to your child's needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our programs, including program structure, child-to-teacher ratios, and daily schedules.

What is the program structure?

Our program follows a structured curriculum designed to promote early learning and development. We offer a mix of structured activities and free play to encourage social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth.

What are the child-to-teacher ratios?

We maintain low child-to-teacher ratios to ensure personalized attention and a safe environment for each child. Our ratios exceed the state requirements to provide the best care possible.

What is the daily schedule?

Our daily schedule includes a balance of structured activities, outdoor play, meals, rest time, and individual/group learning experiences. We strive to create a predictable routine that supports each child's needs.

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Meet Our Team

Our dedicated educators and staff members bring expertise and passion to our programs.

John Doe
Lead Educator

John is a highly experienced educator with a passion for early childhood development.

Jane Smith
Assistant Teacher

Jane has a background in child psychology and a nurturing approach to teaching.

Michael Johnson
Art Specialist

Michael is a talented artist who brings creativity and imagination to our art program.

Sarah Davis
Music Teacher

Sarah is a classically trained musician who introduces children to the joy of music.

Emily Wilson
Physical Education Instructor

Emily promotes physical fitness and healthy habits through fun and engaging activities.

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Discover Our Exciting Programs

At Mars Early Learning Academy, we offer a wide range of engaging programs for children.